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Welcome to CKS Biomedical Engineering

CKS Biomedical Engineering develops innovative devices to aid in the recovery and healing of various common medical conditions and to boost physical performance for active people and professional sportsmen.

Our product range covers the following:

Electrical Stimulation Devices, Braces and Supports

These multi-use devices aid in the treatment of sports injuries, strengthening weak or aged muscles, stimulating blood flow, capillary regrowth, varicose vein treatment and improving muscle endurance.

The devices are based on published research done over many years most notably at University College of Medicine, London (UCL).

Colon and Digestive Health

Our flagship product in this category is the Easy-Squat stool. This stool which is used with a normal western toilet improves evacuation by mimicking the natural squatting  position. The stool aids with relieving constipation, reduces straining thereby helping to heal hemorrhoids and prevents the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles resulting from use of a normal toilet seat over a period of time.  

Magnetic Braces and Supports

We provide a full range of magnetic braces and supports to provide pain relief and aid in the healing and recovery of muscle injuries, neck and back pain and sports injuries. In addition we have a range of magnetic orthotics and insoles that are especially suited to diabetics and others with foot problems.  

The magnetic braces and supports are based on research done at various universities including MIT.

Bio-Engineered Formulas

Most skin care treatments rely on topical application of products.

However, skin grows from the inside, and it acts as a barrier which protects the body from outside factors. Skin exists to prevent things from coming into the body, so topical products can only penetrate to a certain depth.

In similar fashion, hair grows from the inside, and treating it externally can only go so far in creating optimal hair condition.

These specailly formulated products are designed to keep you beautiful from the inside. They are an embodiment of a desire to provide people with products that have genuine and far reaching benefits to skin, hair and nails. They are designed to work with, and enhance the body’s natural growth and rejuvenation processes.

Internal supplementation is fast becoming the favored method of skin and hair care.

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