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CKS Biomedical Engineering focuses its research efforts on developing specially engineered electrical and magnetic devices that use a variety of protocols to promote healing, recovery and regeneration. In addition various high-tech engineering materials are used to develop special purpose products.

All our products are based on sound research conducted over many years at various universities in the UK, US and South Africa.

Over the last century, lifestyle changes have led to an unprecedented decrease in daily mobility. Most workplace and home environments encourage sitting for extended periods of time. The result has been a decrease in movement and muscle use compared to a century ago with a proportional rise in diseases and injuries related to a lack of movement and poor blood flow. 

To counter this poor blood flow epidemic we have designed devices that can be used in the context of a more sedentary lifestyle that improve muscle tone, increase blood flow and speed up recovery. A further benefit of our devices is that increased blood flow stimulates the desire for physical activity, which further enhances health and muscle conditioning.

Similarly, the aged and frail find it difficult to get the requisite amount of exercise to maintain good physical health and vigorous blood flow. By utilizing  our simple and easy-to-use devices and supports, the aged and frail can benefit from increased muscle strength and improved blood flow.

Our products are also used by professional sportsmen and active people to safely boost physical performance or speed up recovery from injuries.


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