BIOflex® Magnetic Sleep Pads - King Mattress Overlay

BIOflex® Magnetic Sleep Pads - King Mattress Overlay
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The quality and quantity of sleep is substantially less than what is needed. Many people are severely sleep-deprived and therefore dangerously sleepy during the day. In the 20th century, when average nightly sleep time declined 20%, many major disasters as well as a multitude of accidents on the road and at work are being linked to sleep-deprivation. Fifty million North Americans have a chronic sleep disorder; including insomnia, narcolepsy and sleep apnea. On any given day, 25% of the people did not get enough sleep the previous night and are not alert

HOW IMPORTANT IS SLEEP? The failure to get a good night’s sleep is one of the most common and harmful enemies to health and overall well-being. Poor sleep can seriously affect mental and physical performance. Furthermore, sleep deprivation can have a detrimental effect on an individual’s ability to recuperate from injuries. Therefore, restful sleep is the first step toward recovery and wellness. Developed after years of research by a highly skilled team of medical professionals, scientists and engineers, BIOflex® Magnetic Sleep Pads have been hailed as the most advanced and effective products of their kind for their ability to help us get a good night’s rest naturally. They never loose their effectiveness and require no change in one’s routine or lifestyle. All one has to do is sleep on them.

This unique innovation of sleep technology features a four-layer construction:

  1. Ultra - Plush 4-way Stretch State of the Art MicroLux Fabric, High Density Super Soft Foam and 100% Woven Cotton Channels.
  2. An abundance of BIOflex® concentric circle magnets, strategically imbedded in the upper layer to improve circulation, accelerate healing and enhance pain relief.

Sized from Personal to King, BIOflex® Magnetic Sleep Pads are portable, folding up to a fraction of their size.

Size: 76" x 80"

Contains 12 - 67" magnetic strips *


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